A Cowgirl Birthday Party

June 02, 2015  •  1 Comment

One of the things I most love about memory capture sessions is the ability it provides me to sneak into someone's life for a bit of time, another world. Today's party was to have been outdoors but mother nature did not see fit to provide the weather to make that happen for the entire event. So inside it was. When I walked into the party room, THIS was the first thing that I saw. Oh, goodness. Sugary beauty. I so have a sweet tooth.

Now, to be 5 years old and to be in the world of of cowgirl decorations, foods like "hot-diggity-dogs" and miniature horse rides....I think I would be okay living in this world. (I didn't even mention the mac-n-cheese, apple juice, cake, bottle ring toss, cupcakes, cookies, amazing flowers, cowgirl (and boy) hats, bandana banners or anything like that, yet!) You see. This little girl's mamma has some incredible talents for not only party planning but decorating. She's introduced me to great places that make the world of Etsy that much more amazing as well. All I get to know before these parties is the general theme and maybe, just maybe, a peek at a few decorations that she puts on Facebook. No matter what I guess things might look like, they are always better. More grand. It is difficult to stop pressing the capture button on the camera. I mean, you should only capture so many pictures of cupcakes, right?

So, when I walk in, I get to be 5 and experience the wonder of everything all over again. Then, I have to put on my big cowgirl hat and set about to capture the amazing that will soon be happy memories and scrapbook dreams.

Eventually the weather let up and the miniature horses arrived. Out went all the cutest cowgirls (and two cowboys) to walk, brush, feed the horses, all waiting to take their turn at a buggy ride.

(They were saying "yee haw"!)

And despite my intentions, I did not resist. The land of these cookies just could not be refused. The cutest Mason Jar Cookie just had to come home with me. Please don't wonder any longer if it still exists. It doesn't. And it truly was worth every soft, delicious calorie and extra workout time it resulted in.

I'm pretty sure that these kiddos had an amazing few hours celebrating a cute 5-year-old Cowgirl's birthday and that her mamma (and rest of the family) took a break and just kicked back to enjoy the phenomenal decorations. These few peeks are just that - peeks. They don't do the whole event the justice is deserves. I'll let them tell their stories through their favorite captures. Happy birthday, Ms. {g}

- J


I love how you just get me. This day was not what I envisioned and in the moment I wondered if it would even come close to what I planned. As I review the images, again...and again, I see all of the emotions that I hope my girls will relate to every single one of their birthdays: Joy. Laughter. Wonder. Hope. Gratitude.

I see friendship and fun. I know they'll never remember the gifts but they will remember the experience. You are the reason for that. Thank you doesn't seem like enough...
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